Welcome Sweet Pea!

Sweet Pea has arrived!  I am so excited that I am now a new grandma of a precious little girl I like to call Sweet Pea (or Peanut, or Angel Baby or Maddykins, or Maddy….)  Madelynne Rae was born to my son and daughter-in-law on August 5, and I was honored and blessed that my beautiful daughter-in-law allowed me to be in the room with her, her mom and my son during the birth.  Although, I suppose by the time she was at the stage of trying to push out this 8lb 4oz baby, my daughter-in-law wasn’t in much of a state to ask me to please leave, but either way, I’m eternally grateful for this awesome experience!  🙂

Sweet Pea, aka Madelynne Rae

Sweet Pea, aka Madelynne Rae

Angel Baby!

Beautiful family!

Beautiful family!

Proud Grandma!

Proud Grandma!


Versatile Blogger Award – Thank you!!



My thanks go to Marcela at http://mysecretloveforyou.wordpress.com for this Great Award!

 “Versatile Blogger Award”


I have been so inspired and have learned so much from Marcela’s posts!  Marcela, http://mysecretloveforyou.wordpress.com/, has been sharing her amazing orb photography and inspiring Spiritual experiences. I invite you to check out her blog. You will enjoy it!

Now I’m supposed to share 7 things about me with you:

1.-I am fairly new to blogging, but am having fun sharing experiences and photos with others, along with reading and learning from other bloggers who have similar interests.

2.-I have been living in Alaska for many years, but I grew up in New England.

3.-I have recently taken up a new hobby:  that of photographing orbs, which I believe to be the light energy of spirits. 

4.-It wasn’t long ago that I was a complete skeptic about anything having to do with life after death; then I began to have experiences that showed me otherwise.  My dad, who died when I was 12, was the first person to speak to me from the other side through an amazing medium, who is now my spiritual teacher.

5.-I am a spiritual healer and spiritual psychic medium.

6.-What I most want to accomplish is to show people through mediumship that there is life after our physical deaths.  That our loved ones are still around and able to communicate with us.

7.-I am extremely grateful to my spiritual teachers, fellow spiritual students, and like-minded friends, who have all taught me so much and continue to teach me about what is possible to accomplish in this world.

Continuing with the rules of the Award, I am supposed to nominate 12 Bloggers that I think deserve this. (I think everyone who is committed to a blog deserves this award).  However, since I am fairly new to the blogging community, I am not familiar enough with 12 bloggers whom Marcela has not already nominated, so I will nominate the following bloggers, who I think deserve this award.

1.- http://blog.crystal-crafts.net/

2.- http://raphaelslegacy.me/

3.- http://alaskamargetravels.com/


All these bloggers are doing a great work, sharing and informing us, Thank you.

Walking the dogs

Here are some of the pictures I took when I brought my camera along on my dog walks at night this past spring.   I started taking pictures of the tops of the trees behind the nearby elementary school that is on one of our normal walking routes.  I was getting some interesting orbs, and it seems they got more interesting with each snap of the shutter.


Sasha and Bandit, patiently sniffing around while I’m snapping pictures of the trees above them.  It was a challenge to hold the handles of their leashes between my knees while trying to hold the camera steady in my hands.  🙂


The following is one of my favorites.  This guy seemed to come shooting into the picture, as if to say “Hello!  Here I am!”


And then some curious friends arrived:



Then more friends and their families:


The bursts of light in this last one seem to be showing off some bright balls of red:


Easter “Eggs”

A couple months ago I was surfing the web, looking for information about spirit photography, when I came across Jeff Danelek’s website, ourcuriousworld.com.  Jeff has posted several reader-submitted photographs of spirits that he believes to be legitimate.  Although he states on his website that he believes most “orbs” in photographs are dust particles reflected by a camera’s flash, he did post one photo of an orb that he believes to be different and could possibly be spirit energy.  (He did tell me in a recent email that he is becoming more open to other possibilities in this area as he has been doing some research into orbs.)  Because Jeff was so discriminating about spirit photos, I decided that I would email Jeff my “Wedding Visitor” photo which I have posted here previously, to see what he thought.  He responded that he thought the photo was quite interesting, but because there is no face to compare to a photo of the person I believe to be the spirit subject, he could not say for sure if this was a spirit photo.  Fair enough.  However, because I told him I have communicated with this spirit in the past, he suggested that I ask him if he would manifest in a photo for me.  So I did just that this past Easter evening.  After asking, I turned off most of the lights in the area, and started snapping about 50 pictures in the area I felt he would likely show up if he were going to manifest.

The result consisted of many pictures with nothing out of the ordinary in them, several pictures containing a few faint orbs, and then the following photos:

This first one is so bright, it is lighting up the curtain:


In the next photo, I had at first only noticed the oval-shaped orb on the right, and it was just recently that I noticed the orb(s) on the table, seeming to be moving from the flower vase across the table.


Note:  In the next one, the light appearing on the right side of the blinds actually is light coming through from outside, but there are also two orbs in view.


Next is one of my favorites.  I love how bright and perfectly round it is.Image


This last one appears to have some color on the edges.


Thanks for checking these out, and as always, I welcome your comments.

Orbs Gone Wild?

I took the following photos from my deck tonight, attempting to capture more orbs, since I’ve been having pretty good luck lately with my nighttime photos.  I’ll be posting some of them here soon, but in the meantime I wanted to share the picture below that I have sandwiched between the four other “normal” photos.   I was standing in one spot, snapping picture after picture, when I noticed that one of them had some extra scenery in it.  I’m interested to know what you all think is in the picture.  Is it a ton of orbs all appearing in one large gathering?  (Hey Lady, you asked for orbs to appear, so here we are!) or is it some kind of an overexposure or reflection off something?  If so, how would one explain the other four pictures not having the same reflections, when I hadn’t moved?



And then there was this guy:


Followed by these two:



Please let me know what you think!

Seattle Underground Orbs

The following are photos I took while on the Seattle Underground tour with my family in September 2012.  Thanks for checking them out!



The photo below contains a bright orb in front of some electric wires on a wall.  When I first looked at the photo, I thought there might be a light source connected to the wires in the spot where the orb shows up.  But then I looked at the next photo, which was taken of the same area, and shows that there isn’t a light bulb or other light source in front of the wires.


Here’s the other photo, for comparison:


My first thought about this one was that there might be a reflective strip on my brother-in-law’s backpack….


But nothing seems to be reflecting in this photo of the same backpack, taken from roughly the same angle.







There were even a few orbs floating around in the gift shop at the end of the tour.